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"CirKISH provides opportunities for students to discover and develop their talents and instills values of teamwork and perseverance. The program has been amazing for our students! It not only develops their skills and talents, but also builds student confidence and self esteem"

Dr. Virginia Ratliff
Clark County School District

“The changes in each of my three children - in their willingness to embrace a new project, their confidence in each new situation they encounter, the self assurance they have acquired and the immediate respect they give to everyone they meet - are a direct result of participating in Social CirKish and the ongoing efforts of all the coaches! This city would be so much smaller and we would be that much poorer without Social CirKish!”

Timothy Cummings
Parent - Social CirKISH

"Attending CirKISH has required dedication and hard work. I understand that college may be a much larger challenge than this program, however, I feel CirKISH has readied me for this experience. I am unafraid now to ask for assistance or clarification. I will not hesitate to request aid as I have in the past for many CirKISH rehearsals when my understanding was limited or support was needed. I’ve cherished my time in CirKISH. It’s prepared me to confidently approach and outbrave university and the world!"

CirKISH Student and College Scholarship Recipient
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